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Podcast 68: Treatment of Male Hypogonadism

Dear Listeners, As a follow up to podcast 67, Eric Harvey, a 3rd year Mcgill medical student, is joining the Primary Medicine Podcast to go over the treatment approach for male hypogonadism.  It is important to consider both benefits and risks of testosterone therapy, before initiating treatment. The clearest benefit is to men with abnormally…

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Episode 67: Late-onset hypogonadism

In podcast 67, Dr. Dimitre will cover the diagnostic approach to late-onset hypogonadism also known as andropause. Late-onset hypogonadism (LOH),  causes a gradual yearly decrease in testosterone levels of 1 to 2% in men over the age of 40. While this condition is commonly known as Andropause there is no cessation of hormone production. However,…

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Episode 66: Constipation in the Elderly with Dr. Kevin

Dear Listeners, Constipation, or decrease in stool frequency and hardening in stool consistency, is a common issue in the elderly and can affect their quality of life significantly. Dr. Kevin has a 4 step approach to constipation in the elderly. Step one is making the diagnosis, remembering that constipation is a symptom with an underlying…

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Episode 65: Secondary Headaches with Dr. Kevin

Dear Listeners, A headache is considered secondary when it is related to an underlying medical condition. About 10% of patients presenting with headache are suffering from a secondary cause. Dr. Kevin’s approach to secondary headaches is anatomical in nature. Moving from the outside in, he suggests considering environmental causes (Carbon Monoxide Poisoning), hypertensive disorders, infections…

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Episode 64: Aphthous Ulcers

Aphthous Ulcers, also known as canker sores, affect about 25% of the population. They are considered benign as long as they are small (less than 1 cm), self-limiting (resolve within 3-4 weeks), and not associated with any additional symptoms (such as fever). Consider the differential for mouth ulcers as being infectious or non-infectious. The most…

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