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Physician Empowerment: You Are More than an Empty Vessel

Dear Listeners, This month, we are very excited to bring you a preview of our upcoming conference for Physician Empowerment. This year, our focus is on personal resilience and practice management. On today’s episode, Kevin shares a remarkably refreshing view on wellness within our profession. The event is being live-streamed from beautiful Banff, Alberta from…

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Podcast 72: Dr. John Crosby on preventing physician burnout

Dear Listeners, We are very honoured to have Dr. John Crosby join us and share the wisdom he has gained during his lifetime as a Family Doctor in Canada. Dr. Crosby is an author, blogger, consultant, and mentor. He is a regular contributor to the Medical Post and a peer reviewer for the College of…

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Podcast 71: Diabetic Kidney Disease

Dear Listeners, It is estimated that about 40% of patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes will have diabetic kidney disease. The suggested progression of this disorder is glomerular hyperfiltration due to a high-pressure state caused by elevated blood sugar, proteinuria due to glomerular damage, and chronic renal failure to renal hypoperfusion. Recent studies…

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Podcast 70: Proteinuria in Children

Dear Listeners, An estimated 10% of school-aged children will have proteinuria. About 0.1% of them will have persistent hematuria requiring further investigation. Transient proteinuria can be caused by stress, exercise, cold exposure, dehydration, and orthostasis. Persistent proteinuria can be caused by Glomerular or Tubular Disease. Glomerular disease is most common with differential including infections (Strep…

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Podcast 69: C-Reactive Protein and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

Dear Listeners, The C-Reactive Protein and the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate are both lab tests used to measure inflammation in the body. They are usually elevated during infectious, inflammatory, and malignant diseases.  The CRP is produced by the liver shortly after the offending process so it is a direct measure of inflammation. The ESR is based…

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