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Dr. Tran on Metacognition and Minimizing Medical Error

Dear Listeners, Metacognition is the process of being aware of one’s own thinking, learning, and diagnostic processes and how they can shape our decisions when it comes to patient care. This self-awareness is very important in avoiding medical error yet it is rarely developed during medical training. This podcast is meant to remedy this. Dr.…

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Dr. Tran on Ageism in Western Medicine

Dear Listeners, We are very fortunate to have Dr. Vu Kiet Tran back this month to talk about Ageism. Ageism is discriminating or stereotyping someone based on their age. It is very much prevalent in Western medical culture. It presents in insidious ways, such as the observed tendency for doctors to dismiss patients and pathologies…

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Dr. Tran on caring for your Lifeforce and preventing burnout

Dear Listeners, We are very fortunate to have Dr. Vu Kiet Tran as a guest on our podcast this month. Dr. Tran is an emergency medicine doctor, a Life and Financial Coach to healthcare professionals, and the host of the excellent “How is my Financial Health, doc?” podcast. Dr. Tran talks about the importance of…

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Dr. Chadha from the beyond MD podcast

Dear Listeners, We are lucky to have Dr. Yatin Chada, host of the excellent  beyond the MD podcast, join us for our latest episode. Dr. Chada is a radiologist who has practised in both Canada and the US. He is a devoted father and a lifelong learner. As host of beyond the MD podcast, Dr.…

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Podcast 73: Colchicine in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Dear listeners, Colchicine has been used as an anti-inflammatory medication for centuries. The plant source of colchicine, the autumn crocus, was indeed used in Ancient Egypt as a treatment for rheumatism and swelling.  Currently, colchicine is indicated for treatment of inflammatory conditions such as gout, pericarditis, and Mediteranian fever. Based on a few recent studies,…

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