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Podcast 92: Dr. Munk and Urgent Calls From Distant Places

Dear Listeners, On today’s podcast we talk to Marc-David Munk, a Canadian/American emergency physician and healthcare executive. Over the past decade, he has held leadership roles at various nontraditional healthcare delivery organizations in the US and abroad. He began his career as a professor of emergency medicine and as the medical director for the Qatari…

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Podcast 91: Dr. Stephen Sharpe of Aroga Health

On today’s podcast, we will be talking to Dr. Stephen Sharpe, a fellow family physician and the Medical Director of Aroga Health, one of the fastest growing Lifestyle Medicine Clinics in Canada. There is no longer any serious doubt that daily habits and actions profoundly affect health and quality of life. This concept is supported…

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Podcast 90: What is Virtual Hallway?

Dear Listeners, On today’s podcast we talk to Dr. Luke Napier, the founder of Virtual Hallway. Virtual Hallway ( is a platform that bridges the gap between primary care providers and specialists, making peer-to-peer phone call consultations swift and efficient via their innovative platform modelled after the traditional “hallway consult”. This digital solution saves time…

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Podcast 89: Dr. Joseph Antoun on Benefits of Fasting

Dear Listeners, In this episode of the primary medicine podcast, we will talk about the benefits of intermittent fasting and the alternative fasting mimicking diet with the CEO of L-Nutra, Dr. Joseph Antoun. Fasting is a popular dietary strategy that involves alternating periods of eating and fasting. It has been shown to have various positive…

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Podcast 88: Dr. Weill on Organ Transplants

Dear Listeners, Please join us for a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at organ transplants and what it’s like to work as a lung transplant physician confronted with critical decisions on a daily basis.  Our guest is transplant consultant Dr. David Weill, who is the former Director of the Center for Advanced Lung Disease and the Lung…

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