Podcast 91: Dr. Stephen Sharpe of Aroga Health

Dr Stephen Sharpe

On today’s podcast, we will be talking to Dr. Stephen Sharpe, a fellow family physician and the Medical Director of Aroga Health, one of the fastest growing Lifestyle Medicine Clinics in Canada.

There is no longer any serious doubt that daily habits and actions profoundly affect health and quality of life. This concept is supported by literally thousands of research articles and incorporated in multiple evidence-based guidelines for the prevention and/or treatment of chronic metabolic diseases. The study of how habits and actions affect both prevention and treatment of diseases has coalesced around the concept of “lifestyle medicine.” Lifestyle medicine interventions include nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep hygiene, social support, and smoking cessation.

Given the current climate around health care, this outcome-driven approach is vital for the future of both patients and health caregivers.


Dr. Dimitre

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