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Episode 3: Valproic Acid Toxicity and Measles

On this month’s podcast, Dr. Kevin talks about his approach to valproic acid toxicity by going over a recent case he had in the Emerg. Dr. Dimitre tries to stir some controversy by talking about Measles and Vaccinations. Please go to our member’s area to access the podcast Posted on 27/04/2015 by Dr. Dimitre

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Episode 2: Anaphylaxis and Strep Throat

Hi everyone, you can access the second episode in the membership area or on itunes (soon!). We have a chat about anaphylaxis and strep throat. Don’t waste another second, listen to it all in the Members Area, registration is still FREE!   Posted on 31/03/2015 by Dr. Dimitre  

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Our First Episode!

Drum roll… Please put your hands together for our first PriMed Podcast episode! After months of preparation and tweaking, PriMed Podcast is proud to announce the release of our first medical podcast. In this introductory podcast we talk about ourselves, our love of teaching, and our vision. We then discuss our approach to Bronchiolitis! How…

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