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Podcast 84: Dr. Kevin on Micro and Macroscopic Hematurea

Dear Listeners, We are lucky to have Dr. Kevin back on the podcast. Micro and macroscopic hematurea are common incidental findings in primary care. They are often of a bening nature, but it is important to have a thorough method  in investigating their differential so as not to miss rare but serious causes of bleeding…

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Podcast 83: Dr. Jordan Frey on Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Dear Listeners, Approximately 25% of all women diagnosed with breast cancer will require a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction is a currently underutilised (less than 50%) option for these patients that provides psychological, social, emotional, and functional improvements, including improved psychological health, self-esteem, sexuality, and body image. To cover this topic, we are very lucky to have…

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Podcast 82: Dr. David Stewart on Why Cancer Still Sucks

Dear Listeners, Every day, more than 600 people in Canada are diagnosed with cancer and more than 200 die from it. It is very likely that everyone of you has in one way or another had experience with it. It is thus important that both healthcare professionals and the general population are informed about this…

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Podcast 81: Dr. Malcom Ogborn on Physician Leadership

Dear Listeners, Having healthcare led by people with a deep understanding of the nature and challenges of clinical work is a key component of a resilient healthcare system. Yet leadership is a challenging skill that is rarely, if ever, nurtured and encouraged in physicians. We are thus fortunate today to have Dr. Malcolm Ogborn (…

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Podcast 80: Dr. Mailo on Falls in the Elderly

Dear Listeners, We’re very excited to share that our national conference on wealth creation for physicians resumes this year! Physician Empowerment is returning to Toronto June 3 to 5 with Canada’s top MD voices in the field: Beyond attending in person, we’ve got a great livestream option and all registrants enjoy unlimited access to…

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