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Podcast 81: Dr. Malcom Ogborn on Physician Leadership

Dear Listeners, Having healthcare led by people with a deep understanding of the nature and challenges of clinical work is a key component of a resilient healthcare system. Yet leadership is a challenging skill that is rarely, if ever, nurtured and encouraged in physicians. We are thus fortunate today to have Dr. Malcolm Ogborn (…

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Podcast 80: Dr. Mailo on Falls in the Elderly

Dear Listeners, We’re very excited to share that our national conference on wealth creation for physicians resumes this year! Physician Empowerment is returning to Toronto June 3 to 5 with Canada’s top MD voices in the field: Beyond attending in person, we’ve got a great livestream option and all registrants enjoy unlimited access to…

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Dr. Tran on Cannabis in the Elderly

Dear Listeners, We are lucky to have Dr. Vu Kiet Tran back on the podcast. Dr. Tran is an Emergency, Family Medicine, and Long-term Care physician with over 20 years of clinical experience in Canada. He has vast clinical knowledge in elderly care and is currently running a facility with over 200 residents.   A 2020…

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Podcast 78: Dr. Gharbi on the Future of Medicine

Dear Listeners, For our latest podcast, I was fortunate enough to talk to Dr. Sam Gharbi. Dr. Gharbi is an Internal Medicine Doctor currently practising in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is an accomplished clinician, author, educator, and most importantly, an innovator and problem solver. He is also Co-Founder of the Arya EHR, a system that…

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Dr. Tran on Metacognition and Minimizing Medical Error

Dear Listeners, Metacognition is the process of being aware of one’s own thinking, learning, and diagnostic processes and how they can shape our decisions when it comes to patient care. This self-awareness is very important in avoiding medical error yet it is rarely developed during medical training. This podcast is meant to remedy this. Dr.…

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