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Another study shows no association between MMR vaccine and Autism

As an addendum to this week’s podcast, a recent study published by JAMA looked at associations between autism and the MMR vaccine in almost 100 000 children over a 5 year period. They found no link between Autism and receipt of the MMR vaccine. Of course, as discussed on the podcast, this will probably not…

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The possible benefits of Therapeutic Fasting

A fascinating article on therapeutic fasting published in the National Post: The BBC did a great documentary touching on the topic which can be accessed here: I have been interested in the benefits of fasting ever since my University days when I read a study published in 1982 showing that fasting mice were able to…

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Starting statin therapy should be a shared informed decision between the doctor and patient

A great article about shared decision making regarding starting statin therapy for primary prevention: I tend to set aside a good 10 minutes to talk to a patient who may benefit from primary prevention with statin therapy. I usually plug their numbers in the following calculator ( and show them their current 10 year…

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Study Warns of Diet Supplement Dangers Kept Quiet by F.D.A.

This is a good reminder to ask your patient about the supplements they are taking. Supplements and Natural products can have side effects as well. Canada is supposed to have tougher regulations on natural health products than the US but there continues to be a huge backlog of products still on the market that have yet…

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Health Canada willing to ease fecal transplant rules for recurrent C. Difficile

This might be great news for patients who are suffering from chronic C. Difficle infection if they can stomach the treatment! The NNT is 2! Posted on 06/04/2015 by Dr. Dimitre

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