Podcast 81: Dr. Malcom Ogborn on Physician Leadership

Dear Listeners,

Having healthcare led by people with a deep understanding of the nature and challenges of clinical work is a key component of a resilient healthcare system. Yet leadership is a challenging skill that is rarely, if ever, nurtured and encouraged in physicians.

We are thus fortunate today to have Dr. Malcolm Ogborn (https://www.optimisticdoc.com/) talk to us about Physician Leadership.

Dr. Ogborn is a professional physician coach and leadership development consultant with a special focus in partnering with early career leaders and leaders working in remote and rural areas. He is also the Vice Chair of the Canadian Physician Coaches Network. He has worked for thirty-eight years in leadership positions in clinical care, research, and academics. He coaches with individual professionals and organisations in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, career development, conflict management, and leadership. 

He has also recently published Sudden Leadership: A Survival Guide for Physicians, an excellent resource for any physician aspiring to a leadership role.


Dr. Dimitre

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Posted on 20/06/2022 by Dr. Dimitre