Podcast 51: Concussion with Dr. Pabani

Its winter yet again in Canada. That means slippery ice, broken bones, and concussions! Rural Doc Extraordinaire Wahid is back to talk about concussions. It is a medical condition that has entered the entered the public consciousness with the recent NFL scandal and the aptly named Will Smith movie.

It is most often caused by head trauma experienced during falls (due to slippery Canadian ice), motor vehicle collisions, and sports injuries. The diagnosis is purely clinical and is based on physical and cognitive symptoms. Questionnaires such as the SCAT 5 and The Rivermead Post-Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire are extremely helpful with diagnosis and follow up.

Treatment is symptom-based and usually includes cognitive and physical rest. Most patients will get better within a month. Some will suffer from prolonged symptoms.

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Posted on 22/02/2018 by Dr. Dimitre