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Listen to Dr. Dimitre and Dr. Kevin Discuss Primary Medicine in Canada.

Dear Listeners,

We are lucky to have Dr. Vu Kiet Tran back on the podcast.

Dr. Tran is an Emergency, Family Medicine, and Long-term Care physician with over 20 years of clinical experience in Canada. He has vast clinical knowledge in elderly care and is currently running a facility with over 200 residents.  

A 2020 survey from Better Aging Canada estimated that about 30% of patients over 50 years of age have been using cannabis since it was legalised, most of them for medical reasons. Of the 70% who were not using cannabis, about half were interested in trying it in the future. 

It is thus important to have a clear, science focused picture of cannabis and its medical properties.  

Dr. Tran and Dr. Dimitre address this in a thorough, evidence based discussion.


Dr. Dimtire

Posted on 08/04/2022 by Dr. Dimitre


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