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Listen to Dr. Dimitre and Dr. Kevin Discuss Primary Medicine in Canada.

Dear Listeners,

For our latest podcast, I was fortunate enough to talk to Dr. Sam Gharbi. Dr. Gharbi is an Internal Medicine Doctor currently practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is an accomplished clinician, author, educator, and most importantly, an innovator and problem solver. He is also Co-Founder of the Arya EHR, a system that aims to help doctors manage their patient’s records in a simple, intuitive and efficient manner.

Dr. Gharbi and I spend a good hour talking about the current issues in Healthcare, some innovative solutions to them and the future of the profession. We touch on topics such as virtual care, patient centered medical records, and AI diagnostics.

Talking to Dr. Gharbi was indeed a much needed shot of optimism given the challenges this field is facing on a daily basis in the weaning months of the COVID crisis.

Happy Learning,

Dr. Dimitre

Posted on 17/02/2022 by Dr. Dimitre


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