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Listen to Dr. Dimitre and Dr. Kevin Discuss Primary Medicine in Canada.

Dear Listeners,

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Vu Kiet Tran as a guest on our podcast this month.

Dr. Tran is an emergency medicine doctor, a Life and Financial Coach to healthcare professionals, and the host of the excellent “How is my Financial Health, doc?” podcast.

Dr. Tran talks about the importance of understanding that we as healthcare professionals trade our lifeforce to generate income and how ignorance of this can lead us down the painful road of professional burnout. He goes on to talk about how realizing what we control and what we can’t control can lead to  true internal wellness.

If you want to learn more from Dr, Tran, please visit his podcast page, and his website.

Happy Learning,

Dr. Dimitre 

Posted on 17/07/2021 by Dr. Dimitre


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