Episode 65: Secondary Headaches with Dr. Kevin

Betty Boop is having a horrid secondary headache!

Dear Listeners,

A headache is considered secondary when it is related to an underlying medical condition. About 10% of patients presenting with headache are suffering from a secondary cause.

Dr. Kevin’s approach to secondary headaches is anatomical in nature. Moving from the outside in, he suggests considering environmental causes (Carbon Monoxide Poisoning), hypertensive disorders, infections of the upper respiratory tract, ocular diseases, and issues inside the skull.

Dr. Kevin reminds us that primary headaches are a diagnosis, while secondary headaches are a symptom. Many medical conditions can cause headache, but there are usually clues in the medical history or examination to suggest secondary headache. These include visual changes, abrupt onset, onset after 50 years of age, and fever.

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Posted on 19/01/2020 by Dr. Dimitre

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